Here's how to redeem your Tuition Package or Gift Certificate

CPG package receipt.jpg

Tuition Package

If you've purchased a tuition package click the 'Schedule' link in you Tuition Package Receipt email as shown.
If you've received a tuition package as a gift see below.

CPG package certificate.jpg

Gift Certificate

If you've received a gift certificate by email click the certificate code as shown.

You will now be able to book lessons that are part of your tuition package or included on you Gift Certificate.  Your personal information and your Redemption / Certificate Code will be entered automatically.

How to proceed without the Tuition Package or Gift Certificate email

If you don't have the email but have your Redemption Code or Certificate Code you can enter your code manually as part of the booking process.  Follow the standard booking practice described here and choose 'Redeem Gift Certificate' when prompted.
If you don't have your Redemption Code or Certificate Code you can enter your email address to retrieve your package lessons.

CPG Book1b.jpg

Choose your Lesson

Choose the lesson from your package or certificate that you wish to book.  The time slots available will now be shown. Click your preferred time then 'Continue >'.

CPG Book2.jpg

Your Information

Check your information to make sure it is correct.  Click 'Complete Appointment >'.

Once Complete you will receive an email confirming your lesson